Welcome to Kali’s Kitchen

This blog is basically going to be a gathering of all the many recipes I’ve found and created. If possible, I will attempts to give options for allergies, diabetics, and dieters that might suit my readers better.

The irony of me making a food blog, is the fact that growing up, one of my mothers couldn’t get me to care less about even making cookies. Now I love trying new recipes that I find, making up my own from what I happen to have in the kitchen at the time, and sharing them with my friends and family. Over time, between social media, books, family, friends, and just making it up as I go, I’ve accumulated so many, that its hard to keep track of them all. So I’m going to be putting them up here. There will be links for the ones I got off other sites, hopefully to their source sites if I got them off social media. Other than linking sites, I won’t be using brand named items, unless its something difficult to find, just to keep things fair for any of my readers that are working on budgets.



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